Alternative ways to make a business work

Making a business work is unsurprisingly hard work and will take many hours of dedicated work. One of the key aspects as any business is contacts. The old saying ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ still rings true. Making a business work quickly required customers and lots of them. So what do you do when you have no contacts. It takes time, you must establish a brand and slowly build trust from customers.

Of course a good advertising campaign can do wonders for any business but it needs to be done tastefully and respectfully. Getting it wrong can set you back months. Another way is to set up an affiliate campaign and have people market your product for you in exchange for a sales commission. Many businesses such as Profit Accumulator have seen massive success in this area. Offering a 50% commission on all sales has seen thousands of people sign up to promote their product and in seen their customer  base grow at an astonishing rate.

Once your business gets off the ground though you might not want to pay such large fees to affiliates. This is a bit of a tricky situation as you need to keep the people who put you were you are content. Suddenly dropping their income might lead them to change their websites and promotions to slate your company instead of promoting it. So if you do go down the affiliate route then make it a long term commitment and remember the people and companies who helped put you were you are.

The matched betting community has seen many successful affiliate programs in the last couple of years and is a prime example of a great use of the affiliate scheme.

Of course you need to attract affiliates by joining a network and offering a competitive fee. People will only promote you if it is worth their time and effort. If you are in a very competitive industry your competitors may already be offering affiliates a great deal. You will need to improve on their offering if you want to get some of their customers over to your business.

Advertising can be very expensive so this is a great alternative.