Hunting Spiders (Children's Book)

This is the second tale in the Bug Summer series, and it begins with Zack and Flash sacked out in bed.  What critter will they find today?  Well, a hint can be found dangling in the window!  Filled with colorful original art and breathtaking macro photography, this story takes us through a day of spider hunting!  And this time, Zack and Flash are joined by a friend, Walt, who is a bit arachnophobic (like many of us). Come join the creepy fun as the trio finds spiders lurking in every flower bloom. 

Written, illustrated and photographed by Sidney, Iowa artist, Tracy Lovett.  Book 2 of the 15 book Bug Summer series.   

  • Paperback  8x75”x8.75” Perfectbound 40 pages full color, glossy stock
  • ISBN 978-0-9819736-1-6
Weight: 1 lb.
Price: $11.99