Inclement Press

Inclement Press is a small, local publishing company started in 2009 by artist/author/illustrator, Tracy Lovett, with the sole purpose of telling the stories of the children of her "town", Inclement, Iowa.  Located in Sidney, Iowa, Inclement Press is an extremely personal venture for Tracy and her family, and she is constantly working on future stories and their illustrations so she can bring all the children of this world into the world of Inclement.  15 books are planned for the Bug Summer series, and at this point, Tracy has an additional 20 titles of related books that tell other tales, at other reading levels.  Inclement, like all towns, is full of children, and each of them has a story to tell.  Tracy is fortunate enough to be the person they whisper these stories to, and she, in turn, passes them on to the rest of us.  She also does school and library visits to help spread these marvelous stories.  Keep your eyes out for more Bug Summer titles, and also other Inclement Tales, such as Oliver's World, The Great Inky Expedition, 10 Things I learned From My Summertime Fairy In A Bottle, and Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite, just to name a few!

Products from Inclement Press